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European equities

The Lightman approach to European equities is available in a UK based OEIC and a Luxembourg based SICAV. Both funds deploy the same philosophy and approach.

The UK fund invests in listed equities in Europe excluding the UK. The SICAV invests in European equities including the UK.

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Our philosophy

We implement a disciplined investment process that is based on a century of data showing the drivers of stock market returns. This empirical evidence leads us towards companies with the following characteristics:

  • High free cash flow as a proportion of market value
  • Low price to book and price to earnings ratios
  • Positive operational momentum, where an acceleration in free cash flow is imminent
  • Mature industries where incremental investment rates are low
  • A stable or shrinking share count
  • An improving carbon emission profile over the long term
LF Lightman European Fund (UK OEIC)
  • Launch: 29 March 2019
  • Benchmark: MSCI Europe ex UK
  • Sector: IA Europe ex UK
  • Manager: Rob Burnett
  • Size: GBP 621 (28/04/23)

LF Lightman European is Elite Rated by FundCalibre. Visit their website to read the research report and find out what an Elite Rating means.


Key investor information documents:

Lightman European Equities Fund (Lux SICAV)
  • Launch: 14 September 2020
  • Benchmark: MSCI Europe
  • Manager: Rob Burnett
  • Size: EUR 323m (28/04/23)

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR): Article 8 Compliant Product


Key investor information documents: